Moose Longboards are VERY affordable longboards that come in a very basic form that lets you customize it according to your personality. These boards are an excellent and affordable first or newbie longboard.

Moose Red Kicktail Complete Longboard (9″ x 40″ – 70mm Black Wheels)

Moose Complete Longboard - Kicktail / Red

This Moose Kicktail Complete is as basic as they come but with plenty of value for the money. You certainly don’t waste a cent when you purchase this baby. First off, don’t expect a lot from the art (it’s red and that’s how it is!). Performance is decent. You won’t be winning any races with it or points for sheer beauty or grace. But the key thing to remember here is that…it works. It really works. A great first ride.

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Moose Drop Through Longboard Skateboard

Moose Drop Through Longboard Skateboard

Moose Drop Through

If you are looking for some real speed at a reasonable price and still want some control, then the Moose Drop Through may be for you. This board has been custom built specifically for downhill performance with a nice balance of safety and relative comfort in between. Click through, you might want to take a closer look at this one.

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MOOSE Black Longboard Complete KickTail


Moose Black Complete - simple and straight to the point!

The design of this extremely affordable “blank slate” Moose Complete Longboard  is based on what is probably the most popular shape in the longboarding world. It has just the right amount of flexibility and allows you to go on just the right speed. It’s appropriate for the first time longboarder and has one of the more popular shapes in longboarding. It measures nine inches wide and forty inches long and has a rear kicktail.

Seven layers of Canadian Maple make up the deck and there are wheel cut-outs to reduce the occurrence of wheelbite. We really like that it comes delivered to you, fully assembled. The Moose are truly very convenient rides. Read more »

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